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Friend Or Faux

At school, the kindergarteners play around, while Lisa works with her science equipment. Suddenly, Ms. Shrinivas announces that she's going to give everyone their first report cards. Lisa is given hers and is happy with the fact that she has an "A" in every subject (math, science, vocabulary, etc.). Suddenly, she discovers that she has an "F" in social skills. Lisa asks Ms. Shrinivas if there was an error in printing her report card, but Ms. Shrinivas says that it's not an error. She gave Lisa an "F" in social skills because she hasn't made a friend yet. Lisa tries making a robot called "FriendBot 1000", but Ms. Shrinivas says that Lisa needs to make a human friend in order to bring up her grade.

Friend or Faux

At the Loud House, Lisa tries to do some research on how friendship works, but eventually decides to settle on observation. She spies on the bondings between Lincoln and Clyde, Lynn and Margo, Lori and Leni, and Lynn Sr. and Kotaro. The next day, Lisa, now using the information she collected yesterday, decides to make friends with the first person who enters the classroom. She rejects the first two students (due to one eating paste, and the other being a biter), but eventually settles on a girl named Darcy Helmandollar. Lisa gets along with her after she compliments on her LED light up shoes, and they play on the see-saw together, provide her with a flavorless dish with all the necessary nutrients, and sleep next to her during nap time. As a result, Lisa's grade in social skills is raised to an "A".

Happy now that her academic record is perfect, Lisa goes back to work with her science equipment. However, Darcy continues to show Lisa her signs of friendship, but Lisa politely declines her offers, showing that she doesn't want to hang out with her anymore. Later, Darcy has made a friendship bracelet for Lisa, but Lisa, no longer able to hold it in anymore, explains that she only became friends with her just so she can boost her social skills grade up, and that she doesn't have the time for friends, and gives back the friendship bracelet. Hurt that she was used just to boost up a grade, and that Lisa no longer wants to be friends, Darcy begins crying and runs off. Lisa, realizing what she has done, tries to apologize, but Darcy has told Ms. Shrinivas what happened. When Ms. Shrinivas offers to read a story to Darcy to make her feel better, Ms. Shrinivas tells Lisa that she lost her "A" again, for hurting Darcy's feelings, and for missing the whole point of friendship. As a result, she sends Lisa to the time-out corner, so she can think about what she has done.

As Lisa sits sadly in the time-out corner and reflects on her now imperfect academic record, Darcy arrives, offering a cookie out of sympathy. Darcy says that she's doing this because Lisa looked sad, and is offering her a cookie to cheer her up since that's what friends do for each other. This statement causes Lisa to learn the true meaning of friendship: it makes your life better. Touched at Darcy's kind gesture, she decides to let Darcy sit next to her, and eat half of the cookie. Ms. Shrinivas, seeing Lisa and Darcy getting along, decides to boost Lisa's grade. Lisa asks Darcy if she would like to come over so they can play with her CAT scanner, and Darcy, thinking Lisa's referring to a real cat, happily obliges.

Though often seen as a kind of amusing but inevitable rite of passage for the budding translator or language learner, an embarrassment of hilarity is not the only thing to come out of this. The existence of false friends can have a major impact on how information is received by people across different cultures, cause serious offense and misunderstandings, and can actually start to change languages, exerting pressure on how the semantics might shift, through influential contact from other word senses.

Some have pointed out that historically, American conservatives, led by Republican presidents, have been staunch friends of conserving the environment around us, with the National Park System, the EPA and the Clean Air Act all enacted under conservative administrations. A major cultural and semantic shift since then has meant that the conservative outlook today has all but abandoned a strong environmental legacy and become very much a false friend in this regard, with conservative Republican leaders consistently voting against conservation and for big industry polluters instead.

Because meaning can be fluid and languages eventually change, it can be often confusing for speakers, for language learners, and translators to find that finely preserved words and phrases no longer mean what they once meant. While we might have to do more work to overcome the treacherous pitfalls of the false friend, they also preserve a lexical legacy between and within languages that reveals much about the movement of meaning over time.

The Colorado State Penitentiary at Canon City became home, in separate cells, for the Traftons. They told their oldest daughter, Anna, about the $3,000 hidden under the living room floor. She gathered the loot and the kids, and caught a trail to Pocatello. (According to Watson, Annie never believed her son or grandchildren would steal from her. Personally, she blamed Minnie.) Anna, at 18 and Frances, 15, were old enough to take care of themselves, while the three youngwer kids were farmed out to friends and relatives in Driggs.

Will faux fish follow the path of beef?Investors in the new generation of fish substitutes are betting this category will follow the explosive trajectory of novel meat replacements, like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, which celebrated its 10th birthday last year with a sizzling IPO.

Since the last of the snow melted, I have been scattering small piles of birdseed around the lawn, trying to lure songbirds to a newly established birdfeeder. Every now and then, a quartet of mule deer stroll through and nibble bits of corn from the piles of seed. So sweet and fuzzy, I thought. I felt like Snow White, a friend of all the forest creatures.

Throughout our history, we have had a tendency to dramatize animals, whether by reading fiendish motivations into hungry deer or putting costumes on our dogs. If you think that our obsession with humanizing and befriending animals is a new phenomenon born of technology-aided boredom, think again. In the early days of Bonner County, our ancestors maintained quite the menagerie of wild animals.

Those little white butterflies might look cute flitting through your garden, and they may deceive you that they are friendly pollinators when they stop by your lavender to take a sip. But if you are growing broccoli, kale, cabbage or any other cruciferous veggies, if you saw the butterflies, you will more than likely experience the next generation of those cute butterflies as very hungry caterpillars!

Bently said that the foundation, whose funding emphasis includes environmental and animal welfare giving, is proud to support projects in a city that views the banning of new fur as a priority and believes that it will also open the door to innovation and creativity in the faux fur market. 041b061a72


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