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Lolita Song Mp3 Download

Lolita Song MP3 - Download and Listen to the Best Lolita Songs Online

Lolita is a popular singer and actress from Russia, who has released many hit songs in different languages. She started her career in the late 1980s as a member of the duo Akademiya, and later became a solo artist. She is known for her distinctive voice, catchy melodies, and provocative lyrics. Some of her most famous songs include "Pomada", "Sarandonga", "Moi... Lolita", and "Poshlyu Ego Na". In this article, we will introduce some of her best songs and show you how to download and listen to them online.


"Pomada" is one of Lolita's most popular songs, released in 2000. It is a dance-pop song with a Latin flavor, featuring a catchy chorus and a rap verse by Valentina Smirnova. The song is about a woman who uses lipstick as a weapon to seduce men. The song was a huge hit in Russia and other countries, and was nominated for several awards. You can listen to the song on [Gaana] or watch the music video on [YouTube].



"Sarandonga" is another hit song by Lolita, released in 2001. It is a cover of a Spanish song by Lolita Flores, who is Lolita's namesake and inspiration. The song is a rumba-flamenco song with a festive mood, celebrating life and love. The song was well received by critics and fans, and became one of Lolita's signature songs. You can listen to the song on [Gaana] or watch the live performance on [YouTube].

Moi... Lolita

"Moi... Lolita" is not a song by Lolita, but by another French singer named Alizée. However, the song is related to Lolita because it is based on the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, which tells the story of a middle-aged man who falls in love with a young girl named Lolita. The song is a pop song with a Eurodance beat, sung from the perspective of the girl who claims to be innocent but knows how to manipulate men. The song was a huge success in France and other countries, and made Alizée an international star. You can listen to the song on [] or watch the music video on [YouTube].

Poshlyu Ego Na

"Poshlyu Ego Na" is one of Lolita's latest songs, released in 2023. It is a pop-rock song with an edgy attitude, expressing the anger and frustration of a woman who wants to get rid of her cheating lover. The song features strong vocals, electric guitars, and drums, creating a powerful sound. The song was praised by critics and fans for its honesty and energy. You can listen to the song on [WynkMusic] or watch the lyric video on [YouTube].


Lolita is a talented singer and actress who has been entertaining audiences for decades with her diverse and captivating songs. Whether you prefer pop, dance, rumba, or rock, you can find a Lolita song that suits your taste and mood. You can download and listen to her songs online using various platforms such as Gaana,, WynkMusic, or YouTube. We hope you enjoyed this article and discovered some new Lolita songs that you like.


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