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Diablo 2 Steel Runeword

Steel is a runeword consisting of Tir-El for two-socketed swords, axes, and maces in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It is a decent early-game runeword with bonuses to Attack Speed, Open Wounds, and Damage.

Diablo 2 Steel Runeword

Many bow/crossbow runewords cannot be made in other weapon types. In addition to these, the following can also be made in missile weapons: Passion, Voice of Reason, Venom, Silence, Call to Arms, Fortitude, Phoenix, Plague, Asylum, Breath of the Dying, Zenith

Similar to Steel, this Level 16 Runeword consists of Ith, El, and Eth. You can insert it into three-socketed melee weapons. Harder to get, but it functions like an enhanced version of steel, and its ability to prevent monster healing is excellent for destroying those irritating regenerating enemies.


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