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Mike Sullivan

SolidWorks Premium 2015 Portable x64: The Ultimate CAD Software

solidworks for mac version is the best version and have some nice things, almost everything can be played with this version like keyboard shortcuts, audio effects, hotkeys, macros, etc. but it has some known glitches with shortcut, some hotkeys is not working correctly (in solidworks for mac version, some commands will not save correctly like edit command, assign command, etc). moreover, interface is not very smooth sometimes.

SolidWorks Premium 2015 Portable x64

Download File:

when i downloaded and unzipped the file, i realized that i didn't have enough storage. if you downloaded solidworks from below link, please download the entire solidworks folder and store it in c:\program files\solidworks\portable.

you should run solidworks installer from above link. so create your user account and select classic welcome. keep in mind, you will not be able to uninstall it, so if it's a third party license (i think many are in fact) be sure to uncheck the remove option

when i run solidworks installer, it will prompt me license agreement, if you filled that with the solidworks company, then hit proceed. if you don't have a license, then it will prompt you to get a license, offer you to download it, etc. if you were going to use microsoft office, then you need to have office product key as it has some special requirements for run the program, and once you purchased you can use it forever as long as you keep the product key with you. so even if you don't have an original license, just download it and keep the product key for future.

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