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Mar 03, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Through a plan of this type, it is possible to Country Email List increase the productivity of a team, generate a feeling of belonging to the company , etc., through different competition mechanics, whether by teams, individually or against oneself. Incentive Country Email List and commercial motivation programs are generally based on a technological platform (web or app) that users can access to complete training modules, validate their sales, Country Email List participate in games and contests, find out their position in a seller ranking, etc., to accumulate a series of points that can later be exchanged for gifts from the catalog . The mechanics of the incentive plan is a Country Email List very relevant part to take into account from the design phase, since it must encourage Country Email List participation and make it enjoyable and fun so that it is attractive to the user. However, it is of little use to develop and work in depth on a mechanic without having a good Country Email List catalog of incentives. A good catalog of incentives can include the brand's own product, technological gifts, gifts for the home, leisure and sports items, etc., among all kinds of physical or digital gifts. Among the latter, the digital ones, we Country Email List can find the so-called vouchers or redemption coupons, which can be redeemed in exchange for money in an online store or an electronic service such as a subscription to a streaming Country Email List platform (Netflix, Spottily, etc. ). In general, the success of the different types of gifts in the incentive catalog will have to do with variables such as the type of program, the profile of the users, etc. If, for example, we have users who are very keen on the use of technology, these digital redemption coupons Country Email List can be a very attractive category to include in the uncatalogued.
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