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From Uppercut NY, the premier developer and distributor of retail electronic cigarettes and products, comes the Capresso EC1 Miniature Indulgence Direct Vent Electric Coffee Maker. Efficiencies in the design of the unit allow this coffee maker to surpass all standards and expectations of the user. Product Features 1. Designed for more professional standards 2. It is without a doubt the most attractive yet versatile machine in its class 3. Zero assembly required 4. Comes with a short-life two year warranty 5. Yes, it is big on small footprint 6. The capacity to brew 5 cups at a time 7. Comes with a removable drip catcher to make cleanup a breeze 8. Comes with a soft touch handle for comfortable and safe operation 9. Comes with a 5 year warranty 10. The easy to use controls The EC1 Mini also includes a stainless steel programmable timer with up to 24 programmed intervals to serve your need to make a quick cup of coffee at a moments notice. The unit will keep your coffee hot by its internal fan for up to three hours. The unit is a breeze to clean. Its dual filtration system and the automatic drip catcher make cleaning an excellent option. The unit is suitable for any household whether on-the-go, or at home. Product Specifications 1. Infused coffee love cup Coffee is made in the unit itself using the single no dial settings of the coffee bean. Just add water and push a button to start. The unit heats the water and creates the perfect coffee love cup for you. No grinding or measuring is required. 2. Variable temperature control The integrated heated vaporizer allows the unit to reach the optimal temperature to extract the optimal flavor and aroma from your chosen coffee beans. Now, prepare yourself the perfect cup with a choice of five coffee options. The Auto program will change the coffee bean options based on your choice. Simply choose your preferred coffee beans and you are ready to brew the perfect cup of coffee. 3. Variations in coffee preparation If you want a strong black coffee then use the Espresso setting. If you like a full-bodied coffee and a strong aroma then use the 1-1-1 setting to brew it and match the aroma. The dark roast setting will also create a strong cup of coffee. If you prefer to use the ceramic jug or k-cup, it will be dispensed by the unit itself. Using the stainless steel container will ensure that coffee used to make the perfect cup will be kept hot for up to three hours. 4. Use the special settings For specialty, decaf, jasmine, coffee-chocolate, hazelnut and chai coffee beans, you can choose from five different specialty coffee bean types. You have the freedom to choose how you want your coffee prepared. Making some more? Just continue to use the 10 different one-button presets to choose from. 5. Programmable timer The unit can be programmed to work in four different modes including Auto, Set Time, Coffee and Off. Once you choose the programmable timer mode, you have the freedom to choose any time range from 15 minutes to 24 hours to allow you to make your coffee just the way you like it. 6. Air filter The heating element is not exposed directly to the elements. A removable air filter with a 16-stage filtration system is included to clean the air. The filter will keep your machine clean and reliable for many years to come. 7. Save time and money The EC1 Mini comes with an integrated storage jar, programmable timer, timer dial and a removable drip catcher. The storage jar allows you to pour in the coffee beans and water directly into the unit. The unit itself does not need any assembly, making setup and cleaning easy.

iceFox AFK Auto Mu SS5 SS6 V1.27.rar



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