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Bhoot Damar Tantra: A Rare and Powerful Scripture on Tantra Mantra

Bhoot Damar Tantra: A Rare and Powerful Scripture on Tantra Mantra

Bhoot Damar Tantra is one of the most ancient and secretive scriptures on tantra mantra, which deals with various aspects of paranormal phenomena, such as ghosts, spirits, demons, apsaras, yakshinis, and siddhis. The text is attributed to Lord Shiva, who taught it to his consort Parvati. The text is written in Sanskrit and consists of 108 chapters, each containing various mantras and rituals for different purposes.

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The text is considered to be very rare and powerful, as it contains many secrets and mysteries that are not revealed in other tantras. The text also claims to be the source of all other tantras, as it says: "There is no other tantra than this Bhoot Damar Tantra. All other tantras are derived from this one."[^1^]

Some of the topics covered in the text are:

  • How to invoke and control various types of bhootas (ghosts), such as pretas, pisachas, vetals, brahmarakshasas, etc.

  • How to attain various siddhis (supernatural powers), such as anima (becoming small), laghima (becoming light), mahima (becoming large), prapti (reaching anywhere), prakamya (fulfilling desires), ishitva (dominating others), vashitva (controlling others), etc.

  • How to attract and please various types of apsaras (celestial nymphs), yakshinis (female nature spirits), kinnaris (half-human half-bird beings), gandharvas (celestial musicians), naginis (female serpent beings), etc.

  • How to perform various types of homas (fire sacrifices) and yantras (diagrams) for various purposes, such as protection, wealth, health, success, etc.

  • How to use various types of herbs, minerals, metals, gems, etc. for various purposes, such as healing, alchemy, magic, etc.

  • How to perform various types of kriyas (actions) and mudras (gestures) for various purposes, such as purification, meditation, activation of chakras, etc.

The text also warns about the dangers and pitfalls of practicing tantra mantra without proper guidance and initiation from a guru. It says: "One who practices tantra mantra without a guru is like a blind man walking on a razor's edge. He will surely fall into the abyss of hell."[^2^]

The text also advises the practitioners to keep their practices secret and not to reveal them to anyone who is not worthy or qualified. It says: "One who reveals the secrets of this tantra to anyone who is not a disciple or a guru is like a traitor who betrays his own country. He will suffer the consequences of his own actions."[^3^]

The text also praises the benefits and merits of practicing tantra mantra with devotion and faith. It says: "One who practices this tantra with devotion and faith will attain all the four aims of human life: dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth), kama (pleasure), and moksha (liberation). He will become free from all sins and sorrows. He will enjoy the bliss of Shiva and Shakti in this world and the next."[^4^] e0e6b7cb5c


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