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Tone It Up Kettlebell Buy

If you want to train seriously with kettlebells and have the proper feel, grip and design of a true kettlebell, the standard single piece kettlebell is the only way to go. (the ones we are discussing in this post). However, if you just want to do some kettlebell training here and there, an adjustable kettlebell might be a good choice for you. But in our opinion, the two are incomparable as the standard kettlebell is far superior. It's the real deal.

tone it up kettlebell buy

SET FOR SET kettlebells are forged from 100% Cast Iron making them absolutely unbreakable. Finished with an electrostatic black matte powder coat this is the perfect addition to your fitness arsenal...

A kettlebell flow is more like a freestyle. You can do what you want in the moment. A complex is a planned sequence of movements, typically 4 or 5 exercises. Complexes can be done in a sequence or one exercise after the other (i.e. 5 x squats then 5 x presses then 5 x sumo deadlifts, without resting or putting the kettlebell down).

Tone It Up kettlebell: The kettlebell is an awesome tool that we love to integrate into a number of our workouts. We designed our kettlebell so that it can travel easily anywhere (you fill it with water or sand).

You know that kettlebell sitting in your garage, back of your closet, maybe underneath your bed hiding in fear of the fact you don't know what to do with it? Fear no more! This app takes in a count of your skill level with the circular weight and gives you a bunch of quick video exercises to use with said weight. Get ready to feel the burn.

The community of women on Studio Tone It Up (opens in new tab) will guide you through workouts to get your body strong and toned, including yoga, cardio, barre, boxing, kettlebell, and strength training. New classes every week prevent you from getting sick of the same routine and the app even offers up daily moves to focus on if you don't have time to attend the 20- to 40-minute digital classes.

If you're still working on nailing the push up once and for all, Freeletics Bodyweight (opens in new tab) will help you build up muscle and tone your body. Big perk #1: You first undergo a fitness test to customize a weekly workout plan that's tailored to your body type and physical needs. Big perk #2: If you're stuck doing exercises in a cramped apartment, it has a 2x2 mode that provides workouts to fit a 2 meters x 2 meters space (NYC dwellers, this means you).

4. Kettlebell Overhead PressSculpt sleek shoulders with the one! Stand with your feet hip width apart and hold a kettlebell with one hand at shoulder height. As you exhale, press the kettlebell overhead while straightening your arm. Perform 15 single arm overhead presses on each side.

5. Plie SquatTarget your inner thighs and glutes with this kettlebell exercise. Stand with your feet as wide as possible, toes turned out to your sides, and shoulders stacked over your hips. Hold your kettle bell with both hands and let it hang between your legs. Inhale and sit down into a plie squat. Exhale as you press back up to straight legs. Repeat 15 times!

6. WindmillsThis kettlebell body toning move is your secret weapon to killer abs. Stand with your feet wider than hip width apart, legs straight, and a kettlebell in one hand. Raise the kettlebell up over your shoulder with a straight arm. Keeping your arm straight and back flat, lower the kettlebell towards your opposite foot. Rise back up and repeat 15 times before switching sides. Keep your belly button tight against your spine throughout this one!

8. Curl + PressTone your entire upper body in one move! Hold your kettle bell in one hand down by your hip with your palm facing the side of your body. As you exhale, curl your arm up towards your shoulder then press your kettlebell straight overhead. Inhale as you slowly lower back down to your starting position. Try 15 of these on each arm.

10. One Arm Kettlebell LungeThis kettlebell body toning exercise is no joke, so be sure to follow these form tips! Hold your kettle bell overhead with one hand. Keeping your arm straight, lower down into a lunge with your opposite leg leading. Beginners should continue with a stationary lunge, lifting and lowering your hips 10-15 times before switching sides. More experienced exercisers can alternate lunges, stepping one foot out in front then the other. For the latter option, switch hands with your kettlebell after eight lunges on each leg.

13. Bent RowThis kettlebell toning exercise is great for your posture and for toning your arms and back! With a slight bend in your knees, bend forward at your hips so that your shoulders are pointing towards the ground. Hold a kettlebell in one hand with a bent elbow and your upper arm in line with your torso. Row your arm back, raising your elbow up and tightening your back muscles. Do this 15 times before switching sides.

14. Around the WorldTone your entire body with this kettlebell exercise! Stand tall with your belly button pulled in towards your spine. Hold your kettlebell in one hand in front of your hips. Move the kettlebell behind your body to switch it over to the other hand. Continue to rotate around your body, 10 times in one direction, then 10 times in the other.

15. Renegade RowThis kettlebell exercise is a challenge but will tone your entire body, too. Start with 5 repetitions on each side and progress up to 15 from there! Start in a plank position with one kettlebell under one hand. Exhale and row that arm up, pulling the weight with you and squeezing your shoulder blade muscles together. Lower and repeat for your desired number of repetitions before switching to the other side.

16. Lunge + PressTarget your lower body, abs, and shoulders with this kettlebell toning exercise. Step your right foot forward and lower down into a lunge. As you press back up to a standing position, press your right arm overhead with a kettlebell in hand. Repeat 10-15 times on the right side, then switch to the other side for a toned total body!

17. Toe TouchSleek, skinny abs will be the results of this next move! Lie on the floor with your legs straight up in the air. Hold your kettlebell with both hands overhead. As you exhale, lift your upper body up and reach your kettlebell towards your toes. Inhale as you lower your shoulder blades down to the ground. Repeat for a total of 15 toe touches.

If toned arms and visible abs are on your wish list for 2012, kettlebell workouts should be your new go-to. A cross between a medicine ball and free weights, this pro favorite zaps calories while sculpting seriously toned muscles. SELF caught up with Emmy-winning actress Maria Canals-Barrera to bring you some of her top moves using this fitness favorite.

Canals-Barrera--who currently stars in Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place--and her husband David, hit the gym for kettlebell workouts together with their instructor David O'Donnell several times a week.

"I've never been able to do any other workout consistently, but with kettlebells, the combination of seeing definite results and doing it with my husband makes it fun and very doable," says Canals-Barrera. "I especially love being stronger. I used to get tired immediately when carrying our 8-year-old daughter on my back. Now, I can run with her on my back--that strength building immediately sold me on the workout."

The small size of a kettlebell (Canals-Barrera sneaks in workouts while on set!) and mega-pay off makes this the perfect toning tool for girls on the go--one 15 minute session can burn up to 300 calories!

Above are two different positions of the exercise called the "Turkish Getup." Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, right arm extended and kettlebell overhead. Step back with left leg and kneel back into a lunge, keeping the kettlebell extended overhead. Place left hand on the floor next to foot and shift weight onto left arm. Pull left leg forward through right leg and left arm. Extend right leg onto floor and lie down. Reverse the move to stand up.

Above is the starting position of the kettlebell swing. Stand with feet shoulder width apart in a squatted position, keeping back straight and weight in heels. Thrust hips upward, swinging kettlebell to shoulder height. Swing arms back down and return to squat. The thrusting motion of the hips during the swing strengthens your core while toning your hamstrings.

I first became aware of kettlebells about seven years ago after seeing them on The Biggest Loser UK; I found them really intriguing, and was amazed by the weight loss results achieved on the show by using them. I knew then that I just had to buy one, and thus began my love of kettlebells.

When you think of weight lifting, you'd be forgiven for associating it with manly men building bulky muscles, but this is not the case with kettlebells, although they can also be used for this too. They are actually fantastic for women and fat burning, as you can burn as many as 1500 calories per hour when using them. Plus, they also sculpt the body brilliantly in the process, something you'd normally need to do as a separate workout, but with these, you get both - and at the same time too. This is because your whole body has to move to swing the bell around and stabilise it, giving your core a fantastic workout too, now if that's not good news then I don't know what is.

I'm not going to lie and say that using kettlebells is an easy option; they're not a miracle solution that requires no effort. You still need to eat well and work hard with them, they're heavy and it's tiring (well it is exercise, isn't it), but they are worth it. 041b061a72

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