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Regardless of your age, you've known Ozzy Osbourne for your entire adult life. In his latest video for the new single Ordinary Man, Ozzy can be seen sitting in an otherwise empty movie theater watching film clips of his life. From a young boy growing up in Birmingham, England to Black Sabbath to his solo career with Randy Rhoads to Zakk Wylde to the reality TV show The Osbournes, Ozzy is visibly moved by the images being displayed in front of him...and you will be, too.

OrdinaryMan Movie Download Hd

Paul Rusesabagina talked about his book, written with Tom Zoellner, An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography, published by Viking. Mr. Rusesabagina was the first Rwandan manager of the Hotel Milles Collines, a European-owned luxury hotel in Rwanda. Mr. Rusesabagina recounted his experience during what he described as the Rwanda genocide/massacre in 1994. He also described actions he took to save 1200 refugees held at bay in a Rwandan hotel, a story told on screen in the movie Hotel Rwanda. He also responded to questions from members of the audience.

by Baldwin, Alec, 1958- (Author) Print Book Saved in: Availability Loading... Summary Over the past three decades, Alec Baldwin has established himself as one of Hollywood's leading men. His work in popular movies -- including Beetlejuice, Working Girl, The Hunt for Red October, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Cooler, and It's Complicated -- and his roles as Jack Donaghy on Tina Fey's irrev... Full description


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