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Cheap Dance Floor To Rent Or Buy

As you can see, there are many ways to utilize a dance floor and therefore, many reasons to rent one. One of the biggest draws of any dance hall or studio is its hard floors and high ceilings. Plus, many come with other amenities like tables, chairs, and restrooms.

cheap dance floor to rent or buy

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VENUES usually have a cut off time at or around 10 pm that the floors are to be removed from the space you rented. Our After hours service fee of $100 covers us to come remove the floor before / after that cut off time. We will need to be aware of these time sensitive situations prior to confirmation of contract. If the venue will allow our product to stay till the AM roughly 10 am in the morning we can make arrangements to come pick it up. There will be no additional service fee for such made arrangements but we will require a managers approval from the Venue. If their overnight fee is more than our after hours service fee then we encourage making arrangements upon confirmation of all disclosures in which direction you would like to proceed.

GRASS SURFACE - Outdoor Dance Floors used on grass surface will REQUIRE NO sprinklers up to 24 hrs prior to us bringing our dance floors for installation. This moisture can cause our floors to WARP from the underside up through the inner core. If we arrive after its rained outside we will still deliver our products but there's a slight chance we WILL NOT be able to install the dance floor that evening prior to your event. Our Delivery and install crew will discuss and make arrangements in these situations to come back the FOLLOWING MORNING to install the floor. WE DO NOT REFUND ON RAIN DAYS OR LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS AS OUR DANCE FLOOR COULD OF BEEN RENTED ELSEWHERE. THERE ARE NOT REFUNDS FOR LAST MINUTE DOWNSIZE ON THE FLOORS AS WELL. WE DO NOT CONTROL THE WEATHER OR THE WEDDING SEASON SUPPLY AND DEMAND ! THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THIS MATTER

Outdoor Dance Floor used on Gravel/Sand/Dirt will SOMETIMES require an additional sub-floor installation and additional CHARGE. This sub floor will be installed under our wood floor to help level and protect our dance floor from additional damage. There is a strict policy on this application through out the valley at almost all party rental stores. These floors are expensive and we need to protect them from being damaged if all possible. Sub floor pricing is usually Charged at HALF RATE of the dance floor so it will be revised on your contract if it's needed. It's important to communicate with us re guarding the surface prior to event date. EMAIL PICTURES and INCLUDE YOUR CONTRACT NUMBER: TRSTAFF@TRSSTORE.COM

The Imperial Party Rentals Los Angeles has a great selection of dance floor rentals for weddings, ballroom dancing, private or corporate events and dance floor rental suitable for any event. Choose from our selection of New England Plank, Wood Parquet, White, Black, or Checkered dance floors to customize a look to fit your special event.

Imperial Party Rentals also provides specialty dance floors such as LED Lighted Dance Floors (available for indoor events only) as well as Seamless, Highgloss Dance Floors (pictured above) in any size and color you wish with or without custom design (decal).

We work with graphic designers who provide us with any decal design you wish to add to your dance floor, from your initials to art deco disignes. Some of the unique custom dance floors we have had in the past were Leopard to picture of the birthday person on the dance floor.

We offer a variety of designs, including black-and-white checkered flooring, cherry and birch wood planks and parquet style floors. We offer rental dance floors in several dimensions to ensure we can offer you the sized dance floor you seek.

Portable black and white dance floor rentals are available in an endless variety of patterns. With professional set up and break down, the DFK team will help create the exact portable dance floor rental for the client.

Suppliers of white dance floor rentals, in New York, Long Island, and beyond. DFK dance floors always look brand new and clean. The most versatile dance floor for decals, lighting, gobos and customization.

Do you need a black dance floor rental? We have popular sizes and finishes for your event production. Black dance floors bring a unique look when creating an event. Accented by lighting, black dance floors are truly unique.

Imagine a dance floor in any color. DFK supplies the event production industry with custom color dance floors to match any party design. Our exclusive technique will transform your event into a customized dream.

Mix and match for stylish patterns, color palette, and many other choices. An LED dance floor is certainly the focus of any room, lighting up the atmosphere in your event. Guests always approve of an LED dance floor.

Available in a variety of patterns and colors, the holographic dance floor adds pizazz to events. Prom, bat/bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, and quinceañeras are always more fun, and unforgettable with a holographic dance floor.

Go ahead and break tradition with a Round Dance Floor. Having a round dance floor at your event adds a distinct look as a focal point. The professionals at Dance Floor King can create many styles and sizes of geometrical dance floors.

For the latest in dance floor trends, Acrylic Dance Floors are versatile, and fit any event. With endless colors, endless choices of decals, or gobo lighting, and various finishes, we have your events covered.

Here at Dance Floor Kings we love dance floors! Setting up portable dance floors and taking them down for a few decades, we certainly learned a lot. Our experience and creativity has upped our game over the years, and brought you some of the most amazing dance floor rentals for events of all kinds and all sizes.

As always, we will collaborate with members of your team for a stress free production. Dance Floor Kings also supplies the best in LED lighting, conventional uplighting, dance floor lighting, pin spotting and stage lighting. Whether it is a wedding, fashion show, gala, or party, our staff will work with you to develop a theme and set the mood for your event.

Adding a dance floor along with a DJ to your Santa Barbara or Los Angeles event is a great way to get all of your guests up and mingling. We offer California wood grain dance floors for rent.The floors can be assembled in a variety of dimensions to accommodate both small and large tents.

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Remember you may not just be getting a floor surface or a subfloor. You may need vapor barrier, transition ramps, adhesive or tape, cove base, cleaning and disinfectant supplies. Whether you are buying a simple portable dance mat or a permanent dance floor system for studio or stage, purchasing from a one-stop-shop is simply less complicated and usually less expensive.

Buying a dance floor is not only a major investment but an extremely important element in the safety, performance and overall success of a dance studio. Do your homework. Compare pricing, expertise, delivery time and flooring options that work for you. Choose wisely by consulting knowledgeable suppliers and checking out all your options.

For dance floor rental in the tri-county area, call Classic Tent & Party Rental. From receptions to graduation parties, allow your guests to cut loose with open space to dance. Our floors come in various sizes to meet the needs of celebrations in Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties.

Talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff about sizes, prices, and length of dance floor rentals. For more information, call (330) 726-8446 or contact us online. See how these spaces look in our photo gallery.

Let your guests dance the night away on durable dance floors from Classic Tent & Party Rental. We can easily set up the space to accommodate any number of guests. It is best to size up the space to make sure you have enough room for everyone. Dance floors are a big part of any occasion, and we are proud to provide them to our customers. Our affordable rates and simple installation make us the trusted dance floor rental service in Trumbull County, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Serving Trumbull County, Ohio, and surrounding areas, Classic Tent & Party Rental offers quality dance spaces. When customers call us to rent a dance floor for their upcoming occasion, we understand their needs. As part of our service promise, we will do everything we can to find the right one for them. Events such as birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, festivals, retirement parties, or corporate events all have their own personality. Dance floors can enhance their persona and make your event one to remember. Speak with one of our friendly staff members to learn more about dance spaces and:

Are you hosting an upcoming event such as a birthday party or an anniversary party requiring a dance floor rental? Maybe you are planning your wedding, and while checking things off your list, you realize that you need a wedding dance floor rental. If so, we have the perfect dance floors for rent and tent flooring rentals to make your event elegant and classy.

When you select Great Lakes Tent for your event tent rental, you may consider a tent flooring rental to dress up the look of the event. If you are looking for tent floor rentals, we have Dura-Trac Flooring and Astro Carpeting as options.

Our dance floor rentals are perfect for all kinds of residential events in southeast Michigan. Many people enjoy having an outdoor dance floor rental at the following types of parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations, and anniversary parties so that their guests have a space to dance and have a great time. 041b061a72

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