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Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis

Crash Landing On You Season 1 Episode 16 (S01E1...

Absolutely brilliant! Perfect combination of romance, comedy, suspense, clean passion. The way the timelines where laid out to create a strong thriller that kept asking for more. The plot seemed realistic with a touch of coincidence or fate. This drama had our whole family involved at the end of the season and more than one wiping some tears on the last episode. Seriously recomendable!

Crash Landing on You Season 1 Episode 16 (S01E1...

Crash Landing on You was a huge success in China. The hashtag for the drama's final episode has received over 460 million views on Weibo.[42] The drama's main streaming website, which holds the copyright in China, crashed on the night it aired the final episode due to the sheer number of users.[43] 041b061a72


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