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Picador: I think the problem with your argument is that it assumes that:A) There is some other, less good, DRM scheme in the works.B) This postulated DRM scheme will fail. (usually fair if we accept A)C) The paying customers will turn to the crackers to find a solution to the problem.

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No DRM if perfect, as long as the code (game) is running on external hardware it can be cracked.Only perfect solution would be a terminal consisting of a mouse, keyboard, monitor and a framebuffer and network connection I guess, streaming the individual game frames.But unless they solve the issue of the speed of light there will always be a issue of latency, New York to Sydney is like around 90ms in distance now add computing latency and stuff on top of that, streamed gaming will never match a dedicated machine you are sitting in front of.

Variable polarity, gas-tungsten arc welds were made on roll-cast AZ31 magnesium sheet using AZ61 filler metal. Weld and base metal coupons were evaluated in air and buffered saline solution to produce S-N fatigue curves. When tested in air, both welds and base metal demonstrated a fatigue limit, with the weld failing in the heat-affected zone (HAZ) at a reduced fatigue life. In saline solution at low cycle-high stress, there was a notable reduction in fatigue life attributed to crack initiation at corrosion pits. At high cycle-low stress, failure of welds shifted to the base metal where there was severe corrosive attack and reduced load bearing cross-section. Controlled immersion tests confirmed this shift in attack from the HAZ and weld metal to the base metal at long times. Although polarization curve measurements showed the weld metal to be the most reactive (i.e. more negative corrosion potential), the gradual formation of a stable passive film eventu-Bally protects the weld metal and HAZ from further attack. By alloying more Al in the anodic weld metal (e.g. increasing AZ61 filler dilution), its corrosion potential is shifted closer to that of the base metal and corrosive attack is minimized. Higher Al content also results in higher amounts of eutectic β, and smaller grain size and higher hardness in the weld metal, matching that of the base metal.

TAGES is just horrible. It managed to crash on my Windows 7 and had the nerve to require me to download a newer version from their website or else I was not allowed to play the Witcher. Guess what else I could download from some other websites which also removed this issue?


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