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Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis

[S3E19] Fired Up

Can we talk for a second? - Can I talk to you? Schmidt fired me, and now I'll never get to use this briefcase I just bought, and it was $19! - I think my thing is a little bit more - Do you think I'm sexier when I hold it or when it's down? 'Cause I think it's kind of sexier when I hold it, like this.

[S3E19] Fired Up

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She discovers that they are overbudget and need to make cuts. She is forced to fire Coach because he was the most recent one hired. After firing Coach, the kids pitch in to make him a coat that says "Coach Coach", Coach walks out crying. While having a drink, Jess convinces Coach to go support the kids at the game even though he's fired. When they arrive, the kids are losing and Coach steps in to help them. Jess decides to give him his job back and tells the principal that she's going to find a way.

Donna comes to the White House Mess and finds Bruce, the White House Intern, who put the moose meat on eBay. She tells him that he is not going to be fired - but he is being transferred out of the West Wing - and he owes her for the meat, as she is the one who bought it off eBay.

A week later, Michael and Toby are talking to Jan over the speaker phone, and it is revealed that Roy has been fired, and that Darryl now wants a raise. In separate interviews, Pam says that the attack on Jim by Roy "sucked", and Jim says that he was lucky that Dwight had been there and that Roy was lucky that Dwight only used pepper spray. Dwight is then seen showing his cache of weapons that contains nun-chuks and ninja stars. 041b061a72


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