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Best Laptop For It Professionals 2018 -mac

And while everyone has or requires a laptop, everyone has different needs for that little personal computer in their lap. But never fear, we at Reviewed have tested a number of laptops to find the best one to fit your needs, so here are the best laptops of 2018.

Best Laptop For It Professionals 2018 -mac

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The Dell XPS 15 (2018) stands as an experiment gone right. With its 8th Gen Intel processor and Radeon RX Vega graphics, it's one hell of a powerhouse. The display is beautiful, too. But while we like the keyboard and speakers, battery life is subpar, the cooling system is loud, and there are no USB-A ports. Drawbacks aside, the XPS is the best option for hardcore gamers or photo professionals.

Dell's XPS 13 is simply one of the best all-around Windows laptop you can buy right now. It's got a 13-inch screen that fits into a tighter package than all of its competitors, it's got a premium design that feels on par with the best laptops on the market, and it's got all the ports and power you could need. Best of all is easily its edge-to-edge display, which puts nearly every other laptop to shame.

The pen is sold separately, meaning it's an extra $99 on top of the cost of the laptop. It's also very expensive for a Chromebook. The entry-level model alone will cost you $999, which is almost double the price of the Asus Chromebook Flip. Drawbacks aside, if you've got the funds, this is the best Chromebook we've ever tested.

With its subdued design, steady performance, and generous selection of ports, the Asus Scar ROG Strix Scar Edition has a lot going for it. Powerful enough for VR and photo/video editing, it's great for gamers and creative professionals. While there's a lot we like, battery life is poor and the starting price is high. Drawbacks aside, if you're working with a flexible budget, it's our favorite gaming laptop for the right buyer.

2018 has been a great year for tech, and nowhere has that been more apparent than in the laptops space. From high-end Apple laptops to great value Chromebooks, it really feels like there is a model out there for everyone, regardless of need or budget.

The new 2018 MacBook Pro is here, and it brings renewed competition to our favorite overall laptop, the Dell XPS 13. Apple has refreshed its flagship laptop with upgraded internals, vital changes to the keyboard and several other minor improvements. These two powerhouse machines are undoubtedly excellent options, but which one offers more for your money?

Dell trimmed the fat off the aging XPS 13 this year with the introduction of a brand-new design. Sleeker, slimmer and all-around sexier, the 2018 edition is one of the most gorgeous laptops on the market. While those visual updates are welcome, it's the InfinityEdge display that continues to define the successful Ultrabook line. The bezel-less design provides a level of immersion you don't get with the MacBook Pro. The downside is that the webcam is still in an awkward location: underneath the display.

Apple's fumbling with its MacBooks, however, is an opportunity for manufacturers on the Windows side to step up. But it's not your usual Dell, HP, or Asus who are making the best laptops that balance design, performance, and usability. Instead, my two favorite laptops of the year are coming from relative newcomers.

Dollar for dollar, Huawei's MateBook X Pro remains one of my favorite laptops of the year and one of the best values for a clamshell computer if you're can splurge $1,500 for the version with a 512GB SSD and discrete NVIDIA graphics.

Complementing the keyboard is the precision trackpad. In my opinion, it's the best trackpad on any Windows laptop (and I've used way too many premium laptops with crappy ones) with a responsiveness second to a MacBook's.

The only laptop I think that also checks off all the boxes in a similarly thin and light form factor is Huawei's MateBook X Pro, but again, as I said earlier, the best option for that is the $1,500 model.

It feels like I'm in Bizarro World that Apple no longer makes the best laptop for most people, but Microsoft does. But hey, that's what happens when you focus on getting all the core laptop features right instead of chasing thinness and lightness.

And you'll want to use the MateBook X Pro for writing, because Huawei's keyboard is among the best laptop keyboards. They're backlit, spaced comfortably, and despite a relatively low travel of 1.22mm, the keys offer great tactile feedback and is generally a joy to type on compared to Apple's flawed butterfly keyboard mechanism. On, I was able to hit my peak typing speed of 107 words per minute on the MateBook X Pro regularly.

Both processors have quad-cores for faster single- and multi-core performance. Performance like this is rare on a tablet and in thin-and-light laptops, and they usually cost a significant premium. Look at the 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro: macOS aside, Apple charges $1,799 for quad-cores. Sure, the clock speed is faster on the MacBook Pro, and the integrated Intel graphics slightly better, but the Surface Pro 6 is the better value for anyone not looking to do really pro-level stuff like editing 4K video (it can do it, for sure, but not as fast as laptop with a beefier GPU).

Whatever your decision is, you're getting a winner. Where I once strongly felt the Surface Pro was inferior to a proper clamshell laptop, I now can't rave enough about Microsoft's 2-in-1. It's the best laptop replacement there is and the most fun portable computer of the year. Last year that honor belonged to Google's Pixelbook, but this year the title belongs to Microsoft.

Although the newer MacBook has once again pulled ahead of the XPS 13 in terms of performance, it's still a very worthy second-place, and it's our favourite Windows laptop by some distance. It might not be the best in the world any more, but it's certainly well deserving of a place on your desk.

Using Intel's eighth generation of chips is perhaps the biggest upgrade here, as you now get four cores versus the two that came with older generations of Intel's laptop chips in older, pre-2018 laptops. Those extra cores make a difference by handling your daily workflow more comfortably, as well as any tasks that need a little more oomph. It also means the Surface Pro 6 could last longer, too.

The keyboard on the Type Covers available for the Surface Pro 6 is possibly the best laptop keyboard I've used. It's incredibly comfortable to type on, and it has satisfying tactile feedback. Typing is a joy on this thing.

The touchpad is also very good, among the best I've used on a Windows laptop. It's a little small for my liking, and there seems to be a little extra space it could fill out. Still, I adjusted pretty quickly, and it hasn't been a problem.

Mammut is a brand best-known for crafting outdoor clothing, so that should tell you something about this laptop backpack. Also, as the name suggests, the Xeron Courier 25 is a laptop bag that is perfect for people who commute to work on a bicycle. Mammut has put its heritage into this bag, so it is waterproof, and it has a back plate for more sturdiness and comfort. It is also an interesting design; although we think it comes with a dividing aesthetic.Price: $109.50Our Rating: 8/ 10

Every gaming laptop here is one that we have personally tested. That means writing on them, browsing on them, watching video, and most importantly gaming on them. That experiential take on how good a machine is to actually use is vital when it comes to making recommendations on the best gaming laptop.

The best gaming laptop is a thing of rare beauty. A piece of PC gaming hardware that's as sleek and portable as it is powerful. We're at a point in PC tech where you can genuinely have desktop gaming performance in a notebook less than an inch thick and as small as 14-inches.

We test dozens of gaming laptops every year. The ones that make it to the list provide the best bang for your buck. They offer your budget the best balance of performance, price, and portability. We list our favorite gaming laptop series as well as the best configs for each of our entries.

The latest spin of the Razer Blade 15 once again improves on one of the best gaming laptops ever made. It has the same gorgeous CNC-milled aluminum chassis as its predecessor, only this time it can house one of Nvidia's latest RTX 30-series GPUs and an Intel 12th Gen Core i9 CPU.

One of the best things about the Blade 15 is the number of configurations (opens in new tab) Razer offers. From the RTX 3060 Base Edition to the RTX 3080 Ti Advanced with a 144Hz 4K panel, there's something for almost everyone. It's one of the most beautiful gaming laptops around and still one of the most powerful.

Whatever config you pick, we think the Razer Blade 15 is the overall best gaming laptop on the market right now, though you will be paying a premium for the now-classic design. It may also be the last of its breed, as the Blade 16 is only slightly larger because it has a far smaller bezel around the display; I would expect Razer to discontinue the 15-inch version sooner rather than later.


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