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Dell N889 Mouse Driver Download

Dell Drivers & Downloads website allows you to download drivers, firmware, and some software applications for Dell desktops, laptops, all-in-one computers, docking stations, tablets, mobile devices, printers, monitors, projectors, servers, storage & networking devices, and so on.

Dell N889 Mouse Driver Download

I purchased a new mouse for my XPS420 and gave the mouse that came with it to my wife for use on her laptop. It works fine, except the buttons on the side are easy to press by mistake. I need a driver for the mouse so I can reassign those buttons. However, when I go to the Dell support site, there is no way to search specifically for that mouse that I can find. When I enter my specific info, I don't see the driver for that mouse. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.

Turn the mouse over and post the model name/number instead of R41108. That sounds like a driver file, not a model number and a search for that number has no results. Some Dell mice have a number in this format--A123456 or Dell Part# 330-1171. If it's a Microsoft mouse you can install the Intellipoint software that will let you change button settings. Dell mice are usually Logitech, Belkin or MS mouse with the Dell logo.

Thanks, Mary. You were right, although that was a number on the bottom of the mouse it wasn't the correct number. I found the model number moa8o, although it was very tiny. I needed a magnifying glass to read it. Searching on that led me to the correct software download, which gave me the option to disable those buttons.

Can you tell me where you found the driver? I also have a moa8o Dell mouse with issues and would like to get a better driver. I downloaded the one that is supposed to be the latest for my Optiplex 320 but the mouse doesn;t seem to recognize it as a valild driver for that mouse for some reason.

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