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Andrew Davis

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so what the advice i would give in some of these phases of a project is to also use other tools and techniques that you can use that they're not using. so in some of the design phases, we've been talking about lean safety tools. we found that a good way to run a safety process is a five-step process. number one: ask yourself the question. that means if you're conducting a safety check, we have to figure out the reason for conducting a safety check. number two: form a team. that means bring in all the key players in the project. number three: choose a design method. they might have a preferred method, but if they're in a design phase, we would choose the task method where the safe design goal is to ensure that the safety factors are met when the work is done. number four: analyze the code. that means they should go back to the process and go through it again. and number five: make the adjustments or changes that are required, and the adjustments are primarily in terms of steps three and four. the number one and two are pretty easy. i think we had some good tool suggestions for the next phase as well, but the issue that we had in this particular project was that this was a maintenance project, and a project like that requires a team and each of those people needs to have the capability to do something at a higher level. they needed to be fairly more sophisticated than a design person, because the design person does design and the construction person just does construction, and the maintenance person just does maintenance and the environmental person just does environmental. but if it's a more complicated thing that might be addressed by a smart tool, a skill set, or a training, those people have very different needs. so when we were going back into maintenance, i think it's good to get the design elements, but to focus specifically on maintenance. specifically on the maintenance aspect of design or safety projects, maintenance projects tend to have much more technical issues than, say, design projects, and sometimes these are not easy to solve, but if you can put that down on the agenda, we'll try to work with you to see if we can make it easier. you may also run into particular problems that occur that are very difficult to solve, but they can be addressed by looking at a set of techniques.

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